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Research of bridge high quality concrete

  The research include: define high quality concrete by bridge concrete requirement; study high quality concrete ratio and mix method, define different parameters for capacity, technicial method and weariness.
  The new technology include : 1. Brought out the crack resistance and intergration concept; 2. Set up the dense concrete ratio, 3. Point out the preparation and mix method and requirement of bridge box structure, large volumn concrete, underwater pile, foundation concrete/ 4. Develop additives 5. Develop efficient water reduction additives. 6. Create the HFC, PAM, SF additive tech. to improve underwater concrete capacity. 7. Mode remove additives. 8. Edit bridge high quality concrete making and use guide. 
  The research result used in construction, save 20~50 yuan RMB per cubic meter, overall 1.2 billion, and improve the concrete quality and service life.
  2nd of provincial advanced technology, 2010