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Concrete filled steel tubular arch bridge contruction

    Concrete filled steel tubular arch bridge is very competive by its capacity, construction, cost and appearance, it has become the main bridge type with span less than 500m. Russian is the first country to use concrete filled on arch bridge, but the technology developed slowly. Since the first concrete filled steel tubular arch bridge built in China at 1990, it developed very fast, until 2000, there are 114 Concrete filled steel tubular arch bridges in China. But its futher development is limited by the lack of study & research of design, construction and maintenance. 
    The research start from point loading of dumbbell, truss and rib type concrete filled steel tube, which reveals the working & damage mechanism for design. It is the first time to bring out modified grillage method and homotatic length thickness ratio, limit capacity calculation, point loading parameter and fatigue life assessment method.
    The study has completed long term shrinkage modeling and real bridge test. Develop the systemic study of shrinkage, creep, to release their discipline and improved the corresponding theory and design method.
  The project has study the structure type, first brought out the reasonable system, structure, design parameter, by the analysis of 235 bridges, point out the ratio of concrete and steel, tube diameter, steel ratio, cuff standard, major truss rib parameters etc, technical requirement. The study also brought out the suitable construction technology to overcome the steel tube structure, hanging system, multiple hanging basket, high quality concrete design, casting and gas prevention.  Has develop serious construction method to resolve the construction control and preciseness etc.
  The study release the way of microwave through steel tube, first time to use ultrasound to check the gas inside, set up the safety parameter during service.
  The research has study comprehensively of design, construction, maintenance method for concrete filled steel tubular arch bridge, develop corresponding design guide, which is great achievement for this type of bridge.
  The research result is shown on Wushan changjiang bridge with main span 460m, which is the largest one in the world. It fill the space of international arch bridge construction, provide concrete theory and practical experience. The economy achievement is about billions with very good future and large market.
  2nd of national advanced technology, 2009