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The theory and technology of mudslide prevention in west mountain area

      The project is based on the experience of mountain area bridges to study the basic theoretical issues of mud-sliding hazard, and develop a set of mountain area hazard prevention system.
  The study content: typical mud-sliding characters, sticky mud-rock mechanism and new technology, the reciprocity mechanism between sticky mud slide and river, the separation of mud-slide by momentum; the design parameter determination, inspection method, alignment chose method, new type structure for mud-slide, mountain area flood prevention, safety system, the decision assistant system for highway mud-slide prevention.
  The basic theory study result: find out the discipline of mountain area mud-slide; develop the mechanism of sticky mud-sliding, study the ruls of mudslide flow and deposit, set up the mathematic model between mudslide and river flow, realized the development of mudslide at river bed, which is the base of mudslide change river flow direction. Found the separation theory and method of mudslide by momentum. Brought out the new method to calculate the flow speed, volume, and density of mudslide and analysis method of ablation of concrete structure by mudslide.
  Practice result: develop the new technology to control hazard of mudslide and the new alignment design, inspection in mountain area. Brought out 6 highway mudslide treatment methods and 16 prevention ways. Developed the geological hazard prevention supporting system for railways among mountain area. All above achievement is a comprehensive system for geological hazard.
  The great achievement was awarded as national advanced technology.