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The construction technology of wanxian extra large reinforced concrete arch bridge

    Wanxian Changjiang Bridge is the largest reinforced concrete arch bridge in the world, with hard work and detail study, the design team brought out the special analysis of large span concrete filled steel tube, which is the millstone of high strength concrete application in bridge construction. In addition, create the new technology of “heavy multisegment” erection method, and six working surface loading, besides, “the composite cable crane” got the new patent in China. The design of construction study of Wanxian Changjiang Bridge increases concrete bridge span from 200m to 400~500 m, which is the top in the world. In addition, the bridge also provides the comprehensive information for bridges span more than 400 m, including design, research, construction, monitoring and professionals. It is the guide of more than 10 large bridge (single span > 200m) design and construction such as Guoguo Bridge on Chuanyu highway, Jinhe bride in yanyuan, Pujiang San bridge in MIanyang, Meixi bridge in Fengjie (single span 288m span), Wushan changjiang bridge (single span 460m) etc.
    The 1st prize of national advanced technology 2000.