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    Science 1953, SCHDRI has pay attention to research and new technology study, from Tibetan road to provincial highway net and national sample road.. There a large group of experts in many fields and a big research centre occupying 40 arc with advanced equipment.
  With the transportation development of southwest area, SCHDRI has completed about 1000 research projects and got great achievement in the field of highway, bridge, tunnel, environmental protection, traffic and test etc. It has made important progress in bridge rotation construction design, concrete filled tubular arch bridge technology, large span reinforced concrete box arch bridge technology, road construction in soft rock area, high elevation tunnel construction & management and the pile foundation bearing capacity test in XIgeda area.
  SCHDRI has created the first rotation construction technology of arch bridge in China, study the first cable stay bridge construction and the largest reinforced concrete arch bridge construction technology.
  Awards come with achievement, SCHDRI has got 102 advanced technology awards, including 5 national ones and 97 provincial ones. “the rotation construction of reinforced concrete box arch bridge, wanxian changjiang extra large bridge” gained 1st national advanced technology award, another 4 projects gained the top 10 outstanding projects award by Chinese ministry of transportation 60s’ celebration.

12 national and provincial highway projects, 17 bridges, 6 tunnels, other 9 projects by provincial ministry of transportation, which include 28 highway, 31 bridges, 9 tunnels and 13 others.