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SCHDRI is responsible for the administration during construction preparation, construction and Project checking and accepting stage, including sub-grade, tunnel, bridge, culvert, drainage and protection, road base, pavement, transportation facility, corrugated beam barrier, environmental protection, building etc. in the field of safety, quality, processing, investment, contact and so on.

sub-grade and pavement
   SCHDRI has been in charge of the construction administration work for Naxi highway, Chengya highway(baijia viaduct, Xinjing, Mingshan section), Dayu highway (1st,2nd,3rd stage work), dianling highway, Xipan highway, Yaxi highway, Leyi highway, GUangba highway, North exit way of Chengdu, national way 108, highway from Qingzhou to fangchen gang in Guangxi, Chengdu ring circuit way, Naxi highway, Guangnan highway, highway from mianyang to guangyuan, Dashan highway.
1.The pavement work of 3rd Dayu highway, Sichuan “Tianfu gold medal” award.

2.The sub-grade work of contract JL1of chengguan highway, Sichuan “Tianfu gold medal” award.
3.The pavement & sub-grade work of highway from Longchang to Naxi
4.The pavement work of contract S2 of Xipan highway, 50 km long,  Sichuan “Tianfu gold medal” award.
The pavement work of contract S5 of Xipan highway, 74.55 km long,  Sichuan “Tianfu gold medal” award.

5.The pavement & sub-grade work of Dianlin highway, 33.87km
6.The pavement work of Chengdu ring circuit expressway, 41.38 km long
  1.wanxian changjiang highway bridge
   The extra large bridge crossing changjiang on the national highway of shanghai to Chengdu is a deck type steel tube arch bridge. Main span is 420m reinforced concrete arch bridge crossing yazi river without any underwater foundation. Span consist 5×30m+1×420m+8×30m,856 m long in total, 24m wide and 4 lanes. The administration office was award as provincial excellent group, and the chief and vise chief manager was award excellent engineer. Awards: 1st prize of national innovation award, 1st of ministry of transportation, Zhan Tianyou civil work award etc.

2.changjiang highway bridge, Chongqing fulin
    Double longitudinal rib girder and revers Y cable tower, twin tower cable stay bridge. Main span 330m, spans 150.5m+330m+150.5m, 631m long. The underwater foundation is the cast-in-situ bored pile and stiff expanded foundation. Up-structure constructed by bundle of basket hangs irrigation. Sichuan provincial tianfu gold medal

3.fengdu changjiang bridge, chongqing
    Main span 450m shallow stiffened truss girder suspension bridge. 596.14m long. Open to traffic at Jan.1997, excellent project, the 3rd prize of 9th excellent civil work design

4.Bing Caogang jinshajiang bridge, Sichuan , panzhihua
   Continuous T rigid frame, main span 200m, 516.3m long. Underwater foundation is the cast-in-situ bored pile and stiff expanded foundation. Up-structure constructed by bundle of basket hangs irrigation, pass the check and accepting exam as score 90.7.  excellent project.
5.Changjiang #2 bridge, luzhou ,sichuan
    The key part of Longna highway, main span 252m continuous rigid frame, approaching bridge is 550m×7m and 50m×7m T girder crossing changjiang river. The extra large bridge is very complicated with 1408m in total.  Total cost is 172.9 million. Check and accepted by ministry quality control station, score 95, excellent project.

6.Yibing changjiang bridge
  A extra large bridge, the passage of ring circuit way in yibing city. Main span 184m+460m+184m prestressed concrete girder and twin tower cable stay bridge. 931.42 m long, wide 22.5m, south approaching is 225.23m. the pile foundation at south shore is 82.5m, and north tower is 172.53m high, main span 460m and the 3rd large bridge. Sichuan provincial gold medal.

7.The steel tubular and reinforced concrete arch bridge. 8x30 prestressded simple supported box girder + 364m arch span +8x30m prestressded simple supported box girder, man span 364m and 864m long. The 2nd steel tube arch bridge.
8、Shenzhou youyi bridge, Jiuquan satellite launch center
    Located at south of dongfeng city, the satellite launch center. Crossing He river, 148m long and 80m single tower two sides cable stay bridge. Approaching bridge is 2x30m continuous box girder bridge.


The construction administration work of Huayin mountain tunnel in Guangling highway, Zhegu mountain tunnel on National way 317, Tongluo mountain tunnel, Mingyue mountain Tunnel and Balang mountain Tunnel on provincial way 303.
1.Huayin mountain tunnel in Guangling highway is 4228m long, the silver medal of national excellent project,  Sichuan provincial gold medal.

2.Zhegu mountain tunnel is 4448m long, and the parallel part is 4446m
3.Tongluo mountain tunnel, 5197m long, Mingyue mountain tunnel,  6543m long.