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Bridge design

  SHDRI has completed the design about 200 extra large bridges and municipal bridges, which earn the 1st prize national advanced award, national gold medal of design and Zhan Tianyou award etc. Since now, it still has two world record of longest span for 2 kinds of arch bridge. The bridge department was award to “excellent design team” at Chinese first bridge culture week.


01. Wanxian Changjiang Bridge
A 420m reinforcing concrete box arch bridge. The longest span bridge in the world until now. Awards: the 1st prize advanced technology award, national gold medal of design and Zhan Tianyou award etc. The top 10 best bridges in China. 
02.1# bridge at Baisha Valley on Xipan expressway
150 m reinforcing concrete box arch bridge; the first one constructed by hanging scaffold. Award: 1st prize of excellent design in Sichuan province.
03.Xinmi Bridge in Pan Zhihua
182m reinforced concrete arch bridge constructed by hanging scaffold. 
04.Zhaohua JIanglingjiang Bridge at Guang Nan expressway (G75) 
350m reinforced concrete arch bridge, concrete-filled steel tube as arch rib
05.Jin Shajiang Bridge
188m reinforced concrete box arch with 9 segments, 7 segments installed by cable 
06.Wujiang Bridge
200m reinforced concrete arch bridge, the first Double-arch rib Synchronous Rotating Construction Technology in china, the first one box arch over 200m;  break through of traditional arch bridge construction technology,  Award: 1st prize design of ministry of transportation
07.Jiu Xigou bridge at Fengdu
116m stone arch bridge, the largest one in the world in 70’s & 80’s 
08.Changjiang bridge at Wu mountain
460m half-through concrete-filled steel tubular truss arch bridge, the largest one in the world; Awards: 1st prize of advanced technology by Chinese highway society; 1st prize design at Chongqing; silver medal of national excellent project
09.Changjiang bridge, He jiang, on Yuyi highway (G93)
500m reinforced concrete arch bridge, the largest one in the world
10.Ya Jisha bridge in Guangzhou
76+360+76 Flying Swallow Type of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Arch Bridges (the rotation construction by SCHDRI), the first time using computer controlled hydraulic synchronization technology.  Awards: 1st prize of advanced technology by Chinese highway society; Zhan Tianyou design award
11.Dong ping bridge
43+96+300+96+43 m continues girder-steel box arch bridge, vertical (3000t) and horizontal (14800t) rotation construction technology. Awards: 1st prize Sichuan provincial innovation award, 1st of provincial excellent design
12.Nannin bridge
300m large span curve non-symmetric outwards steel box arch bridge, cable installed and tri-dimensional cable stay construction
13.Luzhou Changjiang bridge
105+3-170+105 m T beam rigid frame bridge, the first double steel cofferdam construction. Award: gold medal of national design, 2nd prize of Sichuan innovation design
14.Lu zhou changjiang #2 bridge, Nongna highway (G76)
145+252+54.5 m continuous rigid frame, non-symmetric side span, anchor abutment for stability of small side span. Steel open caisson and pile foundation combined. Award: 1st prize of provincial excellent design
15.Miaozi ping Mingjiang bridge, Duwen highway
125+220+125 m continuous rigid frame, major pier 108m high, at the earthquake area
16.Na Bajin bridge, Yalu highway(G5)
105200+200+105 m continuous rigid frame, main pier 180m, concrete filled tubular pier
17.Hanyuan Dashu bridge
133+255+133米连续刚构。133+255+133 continuous rigid frame 
18.Jialingjiang bridge, Yilong, Xinzheng
90+162+90 continuous girder bridge
19.Airplane sliding way of Shuangliu international air port
22+28+28+22 m continuous girder bridge, the design load as airplane F class
20.Fengdu changjiang bridge
Main span 450m, steel truss girder. First time using outwards curve main push-towing rope, the first time using tunnel anchor in suspension bridge. Award: 1st prize of Sichuan provincial design 
21.Zhong xian Changjiang Bridge
560m main span steel truss girder, first using multiplanar steel tybylar struss as suspension bridge stiff girder, first time using tunnel anchor, 2nd prize of national excellent projects  
22.Nanxi changjiang Bridge, Yuyi highway (G93)
Main span 820m steel box girder suspension bridge
23.Liuzhou Shuangyong bridge
40+430+40 m  A type single cable suspension bridge
24.Myanmar Leinli bridge
Main span 305 m steel truss girder suspension bridge, steel box tower, steel truss girder, all bolted connection, the largest bridge in myanmar 
25.JIaolongba bridge in Tibet
Main span 345 m steel truss girder suspension bridge
26.Guanyin yan Changjiang bridge, Chongqing ring expressway, (G5001)
35+186436+186+35 m steel and reinforced concrete bridge, 36.2m wide, the widest steel and concrete combined girder bridge in china
27.changjiang bridge, fulin
149+330+149 m prestressed concrete cable stay with twin towers 
28.Ma Shangxi Bridge
179+360+179 m prestressed concrete cable stay bridge with two towers
29.Su Chunba bridge,  Guan Yinyan bridge, Yalu highway
Su Chunba bridge is 132+220+75 cable stay bridge with a tall tower & short tower, Guan Yinan bridge is the 110+202+110 m partially cable stay bridge, 3332 m approach bridge between 
30.Yun yang Changjiang bridge
132+318+178 m prestressed concrete cable stay bridge with a tall tower & short tower, 1st prize of provincial excellent design
31.Jin Shajiang bridge, Yibing
175+252 m prestressed concrete cable stay bridge with single tower, silver medal of national excellent project 
32.San Jiangmen bridge, Liuzhou 
100+160+100 m prestsressed concrete partial cable stay bridge
33.YIbin Changjiang bridge
184+460+184 m prestressed concrete twin tower cable stay bridge, silver medal of national excellent project
34.Jin Shajiang bridge, Panzhihua
149+200+51 m prestressed concrete single tower cable stay bridge, T girder rigid frame as assistant structure
35.Shuang Qiaozi interchange, chengdu
Mix type interchange, 1st prize of Chinese transportation ministry excellent design

36.Baijia interchange and viaduct 
Bridge area 127070 square meter, 1st prize provincial excellent design

37.Yugao interchange, Chongqing
Mix type interchange

38.Zhangshou dong interchange
Semi-directional interchange

39.Wangjia, Peijia interchange and viaduct
Design with chengren expressway, interchange 3093 m long, viaduct 10008 m long