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Highway design

Since SCHDRI was found at 1953, highway design is always the major. It has accumulated comprehensive technical field and very strong background, good reputation and high level in consultant area. There are many experts and professionals provide their bet service.
  SCHDRI has become the top consultant in china by lots of awards and reach great achievement. Especially the design experience for mountain area.  
1.Chengyu highway:
Chengyu highway is the first highway with overall length is 340km.
2.Chengnan highway:
Chengyu highway is 214 km long with the award of top class of Chinese road design society and 3rd of national project inspection.
3.Chengya highway
Chengya highway is 141 km long. It got the 2nd place of Sichuan excellent highway design.
4.Chengdu ring highway:
Chengdu ring way is 85km long.It got 1st class award of Sichuan excellent design project and Luban award of chiese construction. 
5.Modification work of national road G318 from Haizishan to Zhubalong 
The project is 127.4 km long. It has kinds of situation overcome by the designer.  It got lots awards such as “2nd Sichuan consult achievement ”, “3rd national consult achievement ”, “1st Prize design of Chinese transportation ministry”,”the excellent design project in the past 60 years in China”.
6.National way from Chongqing to Zhanjiang, section of tongjia yuanzi to chongxihe
project is 134km long. It is one of main road in Chinese highway net.  Which is also the major road in Chongqing. It got the “1st Prize design of Chinese transportation ministry ”
7.road from Chuan Zhushi to jiu zaigou

This road is 94.13 km long and built at September 2003. It is the sample project in the national wide because it is “safe, comfortable,environmental protection”. It got the 5th zhan Tianyou award at Nov.2005 and 1st prize of Sichuan excellent design and the 2nd place of national excellent project.
8. Ya’an ~Shimian~Lugu highway

The highway is 239.8 long. The way is at shouthwest of Sichuan, which is one of eight key road in west china. The project pass through Niba mountain, Tuowu mountain, arrosing liu sha river and dadu river with high technical requirement. It is the sample project of Chinese transportation ministry.
9.highway from taoyuan to bazhong

The highway is 117.8 long.  It is at northeast of Sichuan, which is the major way in Sichuan province.